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stroke rehabilitation based on brain-computer interface


real-time neurofeedback via virtual reality feedback & functional electrical muscle stimulation


repeated neurofeedback training increases the plasticity of the brain


faster recovery after
stroke-caused impairment


complete solution
easy to use and setup

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Opening of the Center for Neurotechnology

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017
University at Albany Health Sciences Campus | Cancer Research Center, Massry Conference Center
1 University Place, Rensselaer, NY 12144

recoveriX is an innovative method for stroke rehabilitation and based on state-of-the-art brain-computer interfaces. Join us for the opening of our neurotechnology center, and learn about the unlimited possibilities of brain-computer interfaces and how successful experts use recoveriX in clinical environments around the world.


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Press Conference: Opening of the Neurotechnology Center in Albany | USA
Christoph Guger, PhD, CEO g.tec neurotechnology USA,
New York State Senator George A. Amedore,
Jr., James A. Dias, Vice President for Research at University at Albany

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM | recoveriX: clinical validation in rehabilitation units
Christoph Guger, PhD

11:15 AM - 11:45 AM | Experience in with recoveriX in the gym in Albany
Scott Homer, Maria College Albany, Occupational Therapist at the recoveriX gym in Albany, USA

12:30 AM - 1:00 PM | Understanding the trajectory of stroke motor recovery
David Lin, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM | Building a neurotechnology community: The National Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies
Gervin Schalk, PhD, Deputy Director of National Center of Adaptive Neurotechnologies, Albany, USA

2:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Open House
Demonstration of recoveriX



The participation is free of charge. Please register via E-Mail at office(Ca)gtecus·com or via phone at +1 518 495 3826.
Download the gym opening invitation flyer here:

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What is recoveriX?

Motor Rehabilitation After Stroke

recoveriX is the first rehabilitation system for stroke patients that pairs mental activities with motor functions. The brain receives visual and tactile feedback in real-time, and that is what makes rehabilitation so effective. For example, if a stroke patient imagines a hand movement while receiving visual feedback through a virtual avatar, and tactile feedback through electrical muscle stimulation at the same time, then these patients might regain the ability to grasp again.


The activation of both sensory and motor functions is caused by mirror neurons. This stimulates brain plasticity and the brain will be supported in learning new ways to move the affected limbs again. The unique approach of recoveriX leads to a much higher level of motivation for the patient and rehabilitation is most effective.  Repeated training increases the healing of the brain and leads to faster recovery from stroke-caused impairment.


The recoveriX system includes all components required to perform training, classifier generation, virtual-reality neurofeedback and functional muscle stimulation. It can be set up quickly, and is very easy to operate, making it a practical tool for daily use with patients.


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Prof. Marian Poboroniuc

Technical University of Iasi, RO

“The BCI stroke rehabilitation allows us to treat even patients in a chronic state and to improve their motor functions. These conclusions are based on the experimental data resulting from testing the recoveriX system on chronic stroke patients at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Iasi, Romania.”

Dr. Christoph Guger

g.tec medical engineering, Austria

“recoveriX couples cognitive processes with movements, and this makes the
rehabilitation so effective..”

Danut Constantin Irimia, PhD

Technical University of Iasi, RO

“recoveriX gives disabled patients the feeling that they can move again. Motivating them in this way, to be more actively involved in the rehabilitation process, brings huge benefits to the rehabilitation process.”

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A Success Story

Mrs. Savin suddenly suffered a stroke. It came without warning, and left her right arm completely paralyzed. After participating in recoveriX-therapy, she was soon able to move her right arm again. recoveriX uses state-of-the-art neurotechnology that leads to success even in the case of chronic disorders. We had the chance to talk with Mrs. Savin after she had completed recoveriX therapy.
Watch the interview:


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Benefits of the recoveriX System


Benefits for Professionals

Repeated training increases the plasticity of the brain and leads to faster recovery from stroke-caused impairment.


Benefits for Patients

recoveriX supports the brain in learning new ways to move the limbs again. Recovery from stroke will remain shorter and more effective.

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Stroke Rehabilitation

The recoveriX gym in Schiedlberg (Austria) is a special therapy institution where stroke patients can get the new recoveriX therapy. In addition to recoveriX, patients can also get standard therapy to maximize their therapy success. Interested? Please contact us to get further information.

Your recoveriX gym

Franchise Model

recoveriX can be installed in clinical institutions like hospitals, neurorehab or other therapy centers that are specialized in stroke rehabilitation. Physiotherapists or other related professionals can use the recoveriX franchise model and open a recoveriX gym.

We are actively searching for qualified professionals to open multiple recoveriX gyms in their locations. Are you a candidate?

Please contact us to create your individual franchise solution!

Practice Environment

The recoveriX flagship gym in Schiedlberg (AT) currently offers recoveriX therapy for stroke patients, with a flagship gym in New York (USA) and Barcelona (ES) soon to follow. These gyms are also the perfect training environment for professionals. Learn the science behind recoveriX, the different therapy modes, and the handling of the system from first-hand  experience.

Are you interested in learning more about recoveriX? We are eager to create a bespoke seminar or workshop for you.

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recoveriX gym
g.tec medical engineering Spain S.L.
Barcelona, Spain


recoveriX gym
g.tec medical engineering GmbH
Schiedlberg, Austria


recoveriX gym im Autonomie Therapiezentrum
Liebigstrasse 2, 63743 Aschaffenburg


recoveriX gym
g.tec neurotechnology USA Inc.
Albany, NY


Technische Universität Iasi
Iasi, Rumänien

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