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Each year, around 15 million people suffer a stroke, with permanent physical disorders, which cannot be fully rehabilitated by standard therapy. And sometimes, standard physical therapy doesn’t offer anymore rehabilitation to help patients regain satisfying control of the hand or foot years after the stroke. This is when recoveriX comes into play, offering a new chance of rehabilitation!


recoveriX Gym Binyamina offers stroke therapy with recoveriX to regain motor functions of the upper extremities. recoveriX provides a second chance for improvement even decades after the stroke. It can be used in the acute, sub-acute, or chronic state.


#How "How does recoveriX work?"

recoveriX is a unique combination of 3 therapies


A stroke might inhibit your ability to move, but maybe not your ability to imagine movement! Imagine a hand or a foot movement – the imagination triggers nearly the same activity in the brain as a real hand or foot movement. This is what exactly recoveriX uses for your therapy! With three different kinds of neurofeedback, recoveriX improves your chances for successful therapy.


Motor Imagery (MI)

Imagine a hand or a foot movement. recoveriX measures and analyses brain waves, which reflect the motor imagery and determines whether the motor imagery was correct. Once motor imagery has been recognized, virtual reality and functional electrical stimulation will be activated.

Virtual Reality (VR)

The simulation on the screen makes motor imagery visible. Patients sit in front of a screen, where they see hands of an avatar. This gives patients the feeling of watching their own movements in front of a mirror. If recoveriX recognizes motor imagery of the movement (such as a right hand movement), the avatar moves the right hand. 

Electrical Stimulation (FES)

For this stimulation, two electrodes are placed (for example) on the dorsiflexors of the wrist. If the system recognizes a correct motor imagery, the muscles get electrically stimulated, causing a real movement. This should help you re-learn how to initiate movement, and thus make movement possible again.

The Positive Impacts

The responsible areas of the brain are activated by the motor imagery, which can facilitate brain plasticity. Unlike conventional physiotherapy, the BCI guarantees that actual movements only occur when people imagine the corresponding movement.  
The simultaneous activation of relevant cortical areas and peripheral neurons encourages Hebbian learning.

The Positive Impacts

This real-time feedback is very easy to understand. If a patient imagines a movement, then the avatar performs the movement.
The experience is similar to watching yourself in a mirror. It can facilitate mirror neuron activation. 

The Positive Impacts

The patient receives clear, user-friendly feedback through active movement. Just imagine a movement, and you can see your body move accordingly. 
The patient is motivated because the experience repeatedly reminds the patient of the desired goal: being able to move again. 

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