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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can use recoveriX?

recoveriX is a rehabilitation system specifically developed for stroke patients with hemiplegia or hemiparesis. However, it can be used to treat other all kinds of central paralysis or movement impairments resulting from brain injury.

How long does a recoveriX treatment take?

One run with recoveriX takes about 10 minutes. It is recommended to perform at least 2-3 runs in each therapy session. Depending on the capacity of the patients, up to 8 runs per session are possible. The setup of the EEG cap and the placement of the electrodes with gel take a trained therapist usually about 5 minutes. Given these circumstances, the optimal duration of a therapy session with recoveriX is about 1 hour.

How often should recoveriX be used?

It is recommended to use recoveriX for a complete course of 20 therapy sessions, with each session lasting 1 hour. Of course, it is also possible to participate in additional therapy sessions.

When is the most effective time to use recoveriX?

recoveriX can be used for stroke rehabilitation across the acute, sub-acute, and chronic stages, as various patient cases have shown. We are further evaluating how to tailor recoveriX for different stages, and when recoveriX is most effective.

Can recoveriX also be used with spasticity or only with slack paralysis?

Spasticity is not always an exclusion criterion. However, every case is different and requires an individual decision. Therefore, every patient will be examined before the first therapy session.

Can recoveriX be combined with normal physiotherapy?


Can multiple movements (e.g. flexion and extension) be stimulated alternately?
At the moment it is only possible to stimulate one direction of movement during therapy. However, we are exploring new approaches with complementary stimulation.

Which movements can be trained with recoveriX?

recoveriX offers the training of flexion and extension of the upper (wrist and elbow) and lower (knee and ankle) extremities.

Can recoveriX be used at home?
Yes. In this case, either a family member or caregiver has to be properly instructed, or an employee of g.tec makes a home visit to perform a training on-site. Since every case needs to be assessed individually, we would ask you to contact us to obtain further information about the procedure.
Are there any interactive games besides the normal avatar?

At the moment, recoveriX has an avatar that visually depicts the flexion and extension movements of the joints/extremities. Current studies show very good results with the present avatar. Still, the avatar will be developed further in order to be able to perform complex grasping movements, and we are exploring game-like environments.

Which components are necessary to use recoveriX?

recoveriX is a complete system that is delivered with all necessary components and does not need any other external devices or parts. recoveriX consist of the following components:

  • 1× EEG-cap with 16 electrodes – g.GAMMAcap with16 g.SCARABEO-electrodes
  • 1 × biosignal amplifier – g.USBamp
  • 2 × electrical stimulators – g.Estim FES
  • 1 × laptop with the software of recoveriX
  • 1 × patient screen with a USB port

Science Behind recoveriX

How is the electrical muscle stimulation triggered?

The electrical muscle stimulation is triggered as soon as the real time analysis of the brain activity shows that the patient imagined a movement as requested by recoveriX (real-time-feedback). The stimulation is triggered simultaneously with the movement of the avatar. This real-time-feedback, combined with the visual presentation of the avatar, distinguishes recoveriX from conventional therapy.

How long does the electrical stimulation take?

The duration of the electrical muscle stimulation depends on the chosen therapy mode. In training mode, the duration of the stimulation is fixed – the aim is to trigger the desired movement in the same way repeatedly. In this mode, the stimulation is always triggered when the cues instruct the patient to imagine movement, independent of the analysis of the brain activity. In contrast to training mode, the electrical muscle stimulation in the continuous mode only occurs when the patient’s brain activity shows that the patient is actually imagining the correct movement.

How much instruction do I need to use recoveriX?

The instruction for the user (physician, therapist, caregiver, etc.) takes about 1-2 hours. Most important of all is to make sure that the EEG-cap is placed correctly to allow perfect signal transmission. Furthermore, the user needs to be capable to explain the procedure of the therapy session to the patient.
Patients do not need a separate therapy session for the instruction – they can start with the therapy immediately. The patients only need to learn the general procedure and simple instructions for the therapy session before the first session. The first session is already part of the therapy. 

Can recoveriX be used for people with a history of epilepsy?
A history of epilepsy or seizures that are uncontrolled by proper treatment is an exclusion criteria. The low frequency of seizures is not an absolute contraindication and will be evaluated for each case.
Is a disorder of cognition and/or attention an exclusion criteria?
A significant disorder in language, cognition, and/or attention (such as Wernicke’s aphasia or dementia), which prevents the patient from understanding the informed consent and the tasks required within the study and/or performing these tasks, is an exclusion criterion.
Where is the recoveriX treatment available?
The recoveriX treatment is available in Schiedlberg (Austria) and Barcelona (Spain). Additionally, we can check with our clinical partners worldwide. Just contact us to get further information.