Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can use recoveriX?

recoveriX is a rehabilitation system specifically developed for stroke patients with hemiplegia. However, it can be used to treat other all kinds of central paralysis or movement impairments resulting from brain damage.

How long does a recoveriX treatment take?

One treatment last about 1hour and is repeated on 25 days.

How often should recoveriX be used?

It is recommended to use recoveriX for a complete course of 25 therapy sessions, with each session lasting 1 hour. Of course, it is also possible to participate in additional therapy sessions.

When is the most effective time to use recoveriX?

recoveriX can be used for stroke rehabilitation across the acute, sub-acute, and chronic stages, as various patient cases have shown. Out clinical study has shown that it is effective in the acute, sub-acute and chronic stage and that patients improved event 10, 20, 30,… years after the stroke.

Can recoveriX also be used with spasticity or only with slack paralysis?

The recoveriX treatment reduces also spasticity.

Can recoveriX be combined with normal physiotherapy?

Yes. Actually recoveriX combines three standard therapies into one treatment: (i) functional electrical stimulation, (ii) motor imagery and (iii) mirror neuron therapy. Additionally, recoveriX pairs cognitive functions with motor behavior.

Can multiple movements (e.g. flexion and extension) be stimulated alternately?

recoveriX provides muscle stimulation of the left and right arm to perform a dorsiflexion. The clinical study showed that this is effective to regain movements and to reduce spasticity and tremor.

Which movements can be trained with recoveriX?

recoveriX provides muscle stimulation of the left and right arm to perform a dorsiflexion

Can recoveriX be used at home?
Yes. In this case, either a family member or caregiver has to be properly instructed, or an employee of g.tec makes a home visit to perform a training on-site.
How is the electrical muscle stimulation triggered?

The duration of the electrical muscle stimulation depends on the chosen training mode. In training mode, the duration of the stimulation is fixed – the aim is to trigger the desired movement in the same way repeatedly. In this mode, the stimulation is always triggered when the cues instruct the patient to imagine movement, independent of the analysis of the brain activity.

In contrast to training mode, the electrical muscle stimulation in the continuous mode only occurs when the patient’s brain activity shows that the patient is actually imagining the correct movement. This is important for an active engagement of the patient in the task which yields a big improvement of motor functions.

How much instruction do I need to use recoveriX?

Patients do not need a separate therapy session for the instruction – they can start with the therapy immediately. The patients only need to learn the general procedure and simple instructions for the therapy session before the first session. The first session is already part of the therapy. 

Can recoveriX be used for people with a history of epilepsy?

The recoveriX treatment can also be used for patients with epilepsy, but the final decision is done by your family doctor.

Is a disorder of cognition and/or attention an exclusion criteria?

A significant disorder in language, cognition, and/or attention (such as Wernicke’s aphasia or dementia), which prevents the patient from understanding the tasks and/or performing these tasks, is an exclusion criterion.

Where is the recoveriX treatment available?
The recoveriX treatment is available around the world. Check out the list of recoveriX gyms, hospitals and treatment centers worldwide.