#Stroke "Stroke"

Movement is a huge part of life!

A stroke can impair your ability to move and thus your quality of life

Every year, around 15 million people suffer a stroke. About one third of these people don´t survive, while another third suffer ongoing physical impairment. Often, standard therapy is too slow or ineffective to help patients regain satisfying control of the hand or foot.

recoveriX supplements standard therapy with the chance for a quicker and more successful recovery. Also, when standard therapy can no longer yield any further benefit, recoveriX provides a second chance for improvement.


#What-Is "What is recoverix and BCI"

What is recoveriX?

recoveriX is a new kind of therapy, which is developed for the rehabilitation of the hand or foot after stroke. This method can be used for acute as well as chronic stroke rehabilitation.

#SuccessStory "A Success Story"

A Success Story

Mrs. Savin suddenly suffered a stroke. It came without warning, and left her right arm completely paralyzed. After participating in recoveriX-therapy, she was soon able to move her right arm again. recoveriX uses state-of-the-art neurotechnology that leads to success even in the case of chronic disorders. We had the chance to talk with Mrs. Savin after she had completed recoveriX therapy.
Watch the interview:


#How "How does recoveriX work?"

How does recoveriX work?


A stroke might inhibit your ability to move, but maybe not your ability to imagine movement! Imagine a hand or a foot movement – the imagination triggers nearly the same activity in the brain as a real hand or foot movement –this is what exactly we can use for our therapy!

A combination of three feedback-systems

With three different kinds of feedback, we can improve your chances for successful therapy.



Mental imagination

Imagine a hand or a foot movement. Our EEG cap can measure your brainwaves, which reflect your motor imagery. Motor imagery produces brain activity similar to an active movement. The recoveriX system analyses this brain activity and can determine whether the motor imagery was correct.


Visual Feedback

The simulation on the screen makes your movement imagination visible. You sit in front of a screen, where you can see the hands or feet of an “avatar” (virtual person). This should give you the feeling of watching your own movements in front of a mirror. If the system identifies a correct imagination of the movement (such as a right hand movement), the avatar moves the right hand. So you can control the avatar’s movements with your mind, which should help you relearn to control your own movements. 


Electrical Stimulation

The imagined movement leads to electrical stimulation of the affected muscles – without pain! For this stimulation, two electrodes are placed (for example) on the dorsiflexors of the wrist. If the system recognizes a correct motor imagery, the muscles get electrically stimulated, causing a real movement. This should help you re-learn how to initiate movement, and thus make movement possible again.


These three rehabilitation components help the brain reorganize to be able to perform movements again independently.
At the end of every therapy session, the system shows you a complete evaluation of your training success, and delivers a clear representation of your improvements.



Our EEG cap makes measuring these brainwaves particularly easy! The scalp does not need to be prepared for the application, and hair is not a problem. The cap has 16 active electrodes, which means that each individual electrode is preamplified. This results in stronger and clearer signals with less noise!

To get a good contact between electrodes and the skin, you must put a little gel in each electrode.

The signal from the brain waves is amplified a second time and further processed via the PC.


The recoveriX gym is a special therapy institution where you can get this new therapy exclusively. In addition to recoveriX, patients can also get standard therapy to maximize their chances for successful therapy.