Every patient is different and so are their stories! These interviews show how different every patients' condition can be after the stroke and how every single one recovered with the help of recoveriX stroke therapy. 

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Interview with Waltraud Kranner

Waltraud Kranner suffered a stroke a few years ago. Her left side of her body is quite affected. Step by step she gains her mobility back! In this interview she talks about her improvements with the help of recoveriX!

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Interview with Julia Haberfellner

Julia Haberfellner had a stroke 2 years before she started with recoveriX therapy. Her right hand was seriously affected. Our recoveriX therapy helped her a lot! In this video she's talking about her improvements and her experiences!

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Interview with Johann Lichtenberger

Johann Lichtenberger had a stroke 2 years ago, his right foot was mostly affected which was the reason why he started the recoveriX therapy. In this video he tells you about his experiences with recoveriX therapie and what improved with time!

Watch this interview to see which improvements he made in his every day life!

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Interview with Alfred Mühlbacher

Alfred Mühlbacher had a stroke around 50 months ago! He was paralyzed on the left side of his body!

Watch this interview to see which improvements he made in his every day life!

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Interview with Herbert Rofner

Herbert Rofner received the 10.000th recoveriX therapy session at the recoveriX Gym Schiedlberg! He had a stroke about 2 years ago and had recoveriX therapy for his arm and his foot!

In this interview you will see the huge progress he made!

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Interview with Reinhold Ninaus

Reinhold Ninaus came all the way from Carinthia to Schiedlberg to get recoveriX stroke therapy. He had a stroke almost 2 years ago before he had recoveriX therapy. Reinhold was paralyzed on the right side, he even sat in a wheelchair. His goal was to get out of the wheelchair.

Watch the video to see what improvements he made during recoveriX therapy.

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Interview with Günther Hufnagl

Mr. Hufnagl had a stroke over a year ago when he first got recoveriX therapy. He is one of the first patients who received recoveriX therapy for the foot.

In this interview, he tells us about his amazing progress, how he liked recoveriX therapy so far and about his rehabilitation goals.

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Interview with Tja Min Hie

Dr. Hie suffered a stroke for the third time. His left hemisphere was affected. He suffered a hemiplegia on the right side. When he heard from recoveriX therapy throught the stroke self help group, he immediatly signed up for recoveriX. He gained a lot of strenght during therapy.

In this video, Dr. Hie explains his experiences after the stroke and during recoveriX therapy.

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Interview with Josef Unterbuchschachner

Mr. Unterbuchschachner has his stroke one year before he started recoveriX therapy. His left arm is affected which is why he joined the recoveriX program. Now, he can move his left arm better again, he can eat with his hand which he appreciates much.

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Interview with Bernhard Försleitner

Bernhard Fösleitner had a stroke 18 months ago. He was sitting in a wheelchair for one year. He enjoyed recoveriX therapy a lot because his reactivity and sensibility improved. He can feel his arm and shoulder again.

Watch the recoveriX success story from Bernhard Fösleitner.

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Interview with Ingrid Miglbauer

Mrs. Miglbauer suffered a stroke 2 years ago. When she came to the recoveriX Gym Schiedlberg, she signed up for recoveriX therapy where she had a lot of motor improvements. She can stretch and move her arm better than before.

Watch the interview about Ingrids recoveriX success.

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Interview with Ewald Zimmermann

Ewald Zimmermanns' right side was paralyzed since 1999. Before recoveriX therapy, his condition was much worse. Now, he can move his arm really high again. His fingers are less tense and more flexible than before and he can even open up his fist. He is able to hold the mowing machine again.

This interview shows the recoveriX success story from Ewald Zimmer.

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Interview with Anita Rebernik

Mrs. Rebernik suffered a cerebral haemorrhage. After her surgery, she couldn't feel her left side anymore. This is when she realized that she had a stroke. It has been already 25 years but Mrs. Rebernik is still trying to recover.

She came to the recoveriX Gym in Schiedlberg where she had 25 recoveriX therapy sessions. Because of recoveriX, her motor functions improved so much that she is able to work the household again, and her sensibility came back too.

This video shows the recoveriX success story of Anita Rebernik. 

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Interview with Andreas Tsohohey

Mr. Tsohohey's right side is compeltely paralyzed - he couldn't feel anything after his stroke two years ago. But after recoveriX therapy, his sensibility came back. He feels his arm again. When he concentrates on his right arm, he can feel something. And he can even control his muscles again.

Watch the interview and learn more about Mr. Tshohohey's recoveriX success.

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Interview with Karl Einböck

Mr. Einböck hat a stroke in 2015. After the stroke, he had no control over his left arm. Durinig recoveriX therapy, he realized that he improved his motor functions slowly.

In this interview, he tells us his story after the stroke and his experiences with recoveriX therapy.

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Interview with Astrid Brandstätter

Astrid suffered a stroke in 2015 and was only able to move the right side of her body to a limited extent.

In 2016, she started recoveriX stroke rehabilitation at the recoveriX Gym in Schiedlberg (Upper Austria). At that time, she could not practice her profession as a hairdresser due to the physical impairments in her hand. After about 50 sessions of recoveriX training, she managed to improve her mobility so much, that she learned to hold scissors and hairdryer in her hand again. She successfully returned to her profession as a hairdresser.

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Interview with Manfred Stangl

Manfred suffered a stroke a few years ago. It hit him out of the blue. Shortly afterward, he suffered a lot of pain in his fingers and he wasn't able to hold a pencil any more due to the stroke.

During recoveriX therapy, functional electrical stimulation of his affected hand helped him to move this arm and fingers better than before. He doesn't feel pain anymore either.

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Interview with Alois Gruber

Alois Gruber had a stroke, afterwards he suffered a left-sided hemiplegia. When we did the interview, Mr. Gruber was just in the middle of his recoveriX therapy, having 10 sessions ahead.

In the interview Mrs. Gruber explains what improvements he already realized, such as a better sleep, or walking without a stick.

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Interview with Gaby

Gaby had a stroke 30 years ago. She was so happy when she heard about recoveriX therapy. This was just another chance to work on her disabled hand.

During recoveriX therapy, she learnt to use fork and knife for eating again, and many more. Check out the interview with Gaby.

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Interview with Marija Pudic

Ms. Pudic successfully completed her recoveriX training at the recoveriX gym in Schiedlberg (Austria) and improved her motor skills after 25 therapy sessions.

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Interview with Josef Haslhofer

Mr. Haslhofer suffered a stroke in 2016. When he heard about recoveriX therapy, he immediatly called and made his appointments. His right side was paralyzed.

After recoveriX therapy, not only his motor functions of his right hand improved, but also his foot. Watch the interview with Mr. Haslhofer.

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Interview with Klaus Brandstetter

Klaus Brandstetter is a 53 year old chronic patient who suffered a stroke 11 months before he started recoveriX therapy at the recoveriX Gym in Schiedlberg, Austria. He lived with hemiplegia of his right side due to stroke.

In the first 17 recoveriX training sessions, Klaus wasn’t able to do the 9-Hole Peg Test, which is a common tool to test motor functions. But suddenly in the 18th recoveriX session, he was able to perform the 9HPT. It took him only 7 recoveriX sessions which are 4 hours of training to improve speed: In his 18th session, 9HPT took him 10:22 minutes, in his 25th session he could perform 9HPT in 02:53 minutes.

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Interview with Marlene Mayerhofer

Marlene Mayrhofer suffered from hemiplegia after having a brain tumor removed. Her leg, arm and speech center all failed as a result. Speech came back quickly, but motor functions were severely limited. She had pain and severe spasticity, which caused her sleepless nights.

After her recoveriX therapy, she was pain free, the spasticity subsided and the feeling in her arm improved.