recoveriX results: Stroke patient improves dramatically after no success in the first 17 sessions

The recoveriX stroke therapy led to rapid functional improvements after getting rid of spasticity in the first 17 sessions in a chronic stroke patient. This interview explains the impressive results of a patient Mr. Brandstetter who improved dramatically and rapidly, despite seeing no functional improvements at all for the first 17 recoveriX sessions.

recoveriX results: huge functional improvement in chronic stroke patient

Mrs. Brandstätter suffered a stroke in 2015 and was not able to move her right hand properly. In 2016, she began recoveriX stroke rehabilitation at the recoveriX Gym in Schiedlberg (Upper Austria). At that time, she could not work as a hairdresser anymore due to her physical disabilities in her right hand. After about 50 recoveriX sessions, she learned to hold scissors and hair dryers again. This great success helped her to return to her job as a hairdresser again. This article explains the success of the patient and introduces the recoveriX system for stroke therapy.

recoveriX results: Motor improvement 30 years after stroke

Gaby Inakaria suffered a stroke 30 years ago. When she started with recoveriX therapy, she was 54 years old. The stroke affected her left side and caused spasticity, tremor and movement restrictions of upper and lower limbs. After the recoveriX therapy, she said: “My hand didn’t belong to me. But after recoveriX therapy, my hand feels like mine again.” Mrs. Inkaria was paralyzed on her left side and wasn’t able to move her arm and foot. The sudden improvement surprised her the most when she caught herself brushing her teeth with her disabled hand. Here are the recoveriX results from Gaby.

recoveriX results: Improving motor functions 24 years after stroke

Anita Rebernik had a stroke 24 years ago when she was 27 years old. The stroke affected here left side. Mrs. Rebernik improved her total Fugl-Meyer Scale by 11 points to 50 in total. The upper extremity function improved by 7 points to 26. Wrist function stayed constant, hand function improved by 3 points to 12 and coordination and speed improved by 1 point to 5. The lower limb Fugl-Meyer Score improved by 3 points to 29. Beside that the patient improved also her Barthel index to the maximum of 100 points and reduced the Fahn Tremor scale from 5 to 2 which is a very nice result.