#ProductImage "Product Image"

Technical Specs and Features

recoveriX System Components

2 × g.Estim PRO
Electrical Current Stimulator


Biosignal Amplifier


reoveriX Software


USB Screen
with Virtual Reality Feedback




g.SCARABEO 16 bundle


Muscle Stimulation Electrodes

#rXsystem "recoveriX System"

recoveriX System

The recoveriX system includes all components required to perform training, classifier generation, virtual-reality neurofeedback and functional muscle stimulation. It can be set up quickly, and is very easy to operate, making it a practical tool for daily use with patients.

#EEGcap "EEG Cap"


The recoveriX system is based on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology that measures brain activity wirelessly through EEG signals. The EEG cap has sixteen electrodes to identify the brain activity produced when patients imagine a hand or foot movement.

#MotorImagery "Motor Imagery"

Motor Imagery

Movement imagination can activate specific brain regions that can be detected in the patient’s EEG signals, and can be used to drive neurofeedback applications.

#VR-Feedback "Virtual Reality Feedback"

Virtual Reality Feedback

The virtual simulation of left or right hand movements provides real-time neurofeedback (e.g. in the form of moving hands), which makes the training more effective.

#FES "Functional Electrical Muscle Stimulation"

Functional Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Muscle stimulators that are directly controlled via brain activation. These muscle stimulators can cause wrist movement or other activities that some stroke patients can no longer perform without help.